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Spend a good part of the previous weekend updating from Gusty to Hardy. Most of the time was spend (silly-ly) download the packages from a source that was slow. Actually from the main repo. Silly me. Was thinking it was crazy that a update should take 10 hours to download. And the packages are only around 150MB in size!

Hence I found out that anyone can easily add mirrors to get the packages from, hence speeding up the updating process. And Taiwan have a 20Gbps fat piped mirror.

Hence the download became 40 mins from 10 hours. And the actual installation took another 30 minutes. Very much painless, less that the fact that I need to recheck every single Apache subdomain that I had created to make sure that there are still working. It was pretty scary when the updates wants to overwrite your configuration files. And configuration files breaks things!

FireFox 3 Beta 5 and Flash: Adobe default installer for Linux works!

Off the box (or installer), the first thing I checked was to get flash back into the FF3 beta 5. It seems pretty simple as the default Adobe installer for linux seems to work perfectly. Sweet. Pity my previous post on FireFox 2 and flash should become history. I yet to get Shockwave as yet.

Firefox 3 beta seems to solve a fair bit of memory problem from what I see. No slow down when I had igoogle and netvibes open in my tabs. But netvibes pages font seems to be slightly screwed with bad kerning. Other than that, Firefox 3 beta 5 seems to have better font display. I hate to say this but the looks of the font display is closer to Safari.

Speaker mute when headphones plugged in: Nice

What impresses me the most is support for plug in headphones or earphones for the mattter. Now in Hardy, when you plug in your headphones, the main speaker for the laptop will be muted. Sweet. It was one issue which I was looking into in Gusty but never gotten around to do as it is not critical.

Desktop Effects: I like

I also like the support for deskstop effects. As I am running on a Intel 965 GMA, previously on Gusty there were limited support for desktop effect for this graphic hardware. It was desktop effects or video. And video includes flash video. But now, it is best of both world. Nice.

Ubuntu Touch Pad Configuration: Missing

Lastly, a feature that is sorely missing. The lack of touch pad configuration. Yes there are plenty of forum posts and threads on resolving it. And I can easily get it done too. Given that I am fortunate enough to get my hands on a eeePC 701 recently, and it have touch pad configuration out of the box. Guess I have to get my hands dirty to resolve the touch pad sensitive on my laptop.

On a closing note, Hardy seems to do more for me and I do recommend users to update to the latest 8.04 LTS.