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March 27 saw many participants at Barcamp SG 5 at Singapore Poly located just beside Dover MRT.

An event which did not undergo heavy marketing or publicity, much of participants were the usual suspects with a good number of new people. Organic growth I will say. This time round, we have 4 rooms and sufficient actions in each room till the end of the day.

Kungfu for Geeks

The day started off with “Kungfu for Geeks” by a particular Jame Lau. In quick summary, a lot of comparison between chinese philosophy and the different stages and cycle of a startup. It was rather entertaining and “action packed”. The take away for me from this session: The opposite of education us morality. It makes me wonder if it applies to both high paying bankers and the scholar-laden civil service.

Hacker Guide to Financial Freedom

This is a topic by Chris Ng and he quickly cover the 3 type of jobs out there, namely Mechnical, Serviced Orientated and Knowledge based. And to encourage the participants to move up the value add. He encourage people to gain an education, citing that most jobs survey show that higher educated personal have higher income than those not. The common advise of watching your expenses and budget and pay yourself first was mentioned together with some tips on investment portfolio. [Chris' blog post]

What interest me from the talk is that Chris himself is a IT guy. Maybe in a bank I guess. I did asked him a question on how political fit into the said model and he replied that there is a different class called the “talent” class that are at the top of everyone. Examples are celebrities.

For the 3 types mention, developers could be doing all 3 at the same time. Mechanical for simple development calling libraries. Service-oriented when called upon to do design work of new system. And knowledge-based when it comes to debugging and legacy system support. Just my 2 cents worth.

The AHA moment

The AHA moment is presented by JF. A rather interesting discussion on the different methods to arrive at the spark that many need in creative/problem solving work. He presented on drawing with both side of the brain in the last barcamp and seems to have a interest in meta-thinking  He posed a simple question on what is half of 12? And there are many answers depending on how the question is perceived.

For me? Half of 12 is a very simple PSLE question. Many parents will agree.

How to attract an audience for Barcamp

After surviving James Lau beating from “Kungfu for Geeks”, Coleman presented on “How to attract an audience for Barcamp”. A topic that was said to be suggested by Preetam. He presentation as usual draw a crowd and I believe there are many things to learn from his presentation style.

The talk covers the “copywriting” of title of the talk to surviving the voting round. Followed by shameless publicity to get voters and audience. And finally to deliver the talk.

Da Vinci Pool

A talk by a Jolyon Caplin who is a lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic. Hard to miss him at Barcamp with a Uni-cycle, sculpturing balloons and making hella of noise.

He talked about a lab that was created to get students interested in science and engineering. He presented with a EM detector, a makeshift electric guitar and other DIY hardware. I enjoy the session greatly and believe it is something worth doing in encouraging and celebrating the spirit of DIY while learning. The instant/non-DIY mentality is crippling our soul.

How to cook a perfect egg

Free eggs. But seriously it is an interesting session on how to cook the perfect egg with the york firm and white mushy. Not the perfect egg for everyone but the texture of the above said combi is very enjoyable.

Hacking Election

This is a discussion on the situation where Singaporeans who are of voting age do not get to vote. Personally I believe it address the apathy of why Singaporeans do not engage themselves in the community and the policies of the country. The mentality of ” I am lucky that I do not need to vote” is rather undesirable to me.

Looking at what social media can do, the audience was rather divided on the reach of such effort and the legality.

Fxxk GFW

The most educational session of the day for me. Presented by Ben who traveled down from Hong Kong. In he heavy accent, he did his best to talk about the social and technological sub-culture that resulted from the Great China Firewall, much to surprisingly engaging effect.

He mentioned that every country practise some form of GFW and China even powered the GFW of some other countries. Ben highlighted the most important GFW reside in the human mentality in one of his slides. Green Dam, Grass Mud Horse, Project West Chamber and several related subjects were covered. We have a lot to learn.

Finally I get to present at 5pm on my topic:

Scent and Sensibility

Chin Yong @ Barcampsg5, taken by Meng

Presenting Scent and Sensibility

The topic on Aromas is simply to highlight that we are missing a lot of life by not using our nose enough. And using a simple experiment to show how rather ineffective we are in identified scent. And yet each of us can remember that we experience certain scent before. The trouble is recalling the specifics.

I enjoyed preparing and presenting the talk. Equally more interesting was the scent that the audience liked. The scent of new books, new shopping malls and new gadgets. Uploading the slides once I get around the uploading issue.

Barcamp Singapore 5 is a great success. The sessions filled up all the possible rooms and slots with good participations in the lightning talks. Kudos to the organizing team!