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It was some time since I last took a train to work.

Having send my trusty scooter to the workshop the day before and by a series of unfortunate miscommunication, did not manage to collect it the same evening and end up taking public transport for another half a day.

What was interesting is that it seems that the stations  name announcements are made in English only. I find that perfectly fine. What was interesting that for the morning ride towards town, there as this announcement with the content something along this line:

“If you see any suspicious characters or unattended bags, please report to the station staff or contact us via the on train communication system”

The message was announced in Chinese and there was no English version of it. It left  my mind thinking of which demographic was deem more suspicious. I could be thinking too much.

On a totally unrelated note, a Chinese gentleman gave up his seat to an old lady on the train. The old lady refused saying that she will be only travelling for 2 stations. The gentleman insisted and the old lady took the seat.

To this gentleman, welcome to Singapore.